I just sent this to Drakes dad and I am CRYING



he’s still on that chair in the same exact position

I hate LoL. Mostly because I can always hear my fucking brother playing it. The fucking frantic clicking of the mouse ALL DAY…like honestly…he’s 22…stop being a nerd.

  • white people talking about the racism they experienced: i was walking out of walmart and this black girl BUMPED INTO ME and i nicely apologized but she called her 9 black brothers over to BEAT ME UP they called me a SNOWMAN because im WHITE and then these black police officers came and BEAT ME TOO and an alien spaceship full of latinos and asians landed and they called me a cracker and cheered on the blacks! racism against white people IS REAL


Stand against Walmart gift cards




the spice girls > the beatles

what the actual fuck

what?? scared to hear the truth??